According to various legends and folklore over the centuries, gemstones have long been regarded to contain certain attributes. Below is a list of the gemstones used in Sky Gem Designs jewellery and their meaning. May they be an inspiration that adds legend to your story! 

AGATE: Grounding, brings stability and comfort. 

AQUAMARINE: Sailors and travellers believe that this stone provides protection to the wearer in their travels while helping to calm the soul. 

AMETHYST: Strength, protection, grounding and helps you to relax.

BOTSWANA AGATE: A comfort stone that is used to help calm fear, panic attacks, depression. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN: Provides the wearer with protection and wards off negative energy.

CARNELIAN: Enhances leadership, endurance and brings courage to the wearer.  

CITRINE: Enhances imagination, manifestation and personal will. 

GARNET: It is associated with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. It is believed to bring prosperity and abundance. 

HEMATITE: The ultimate grounding stone beloved to calm and help the wearer focus. 

JADE: Jade is said to bring prosperity, good fortune.

LABRADORITE: The mystical energy of Labradorite is said to illuminate the wearer to their destined path. It also has grounding and healing properties. 

LAPIS LAZULI: Enhances communication, clarity, wisdom. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.

MOONSTONE: The feminine energy of Moonstone helps balance the soul. 

MOSS JADE: Good fortune and health.

ONYX: The gem of Karma: reminds you that what you put out, you get back. Good or bad!

ORANGE AGATE: It is believed to be a soothing and calming stone that grounds and builds strength to those who wear it. 

PEARL: Rejuvenation. Sea Energy. Celebrates wisdom gained through experience. It is believed to attract wealth and luck.

RED SPONGE CORAL: The meditative properties of this stone help ground and restore life force. 

ROSE QUARTZ: Represents Devine Love. It is said that the wearer will attract true love. 

SMOKY QUARTZ: Smoky Quartz clears negative energy, helps overcome fear, stress, anger while grounding the soul.